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I started taking Revatrol 12-18-05 and I haven’t missed a day of taking a caplet. I don’t like the taste of wine, so by taking Revatrol, I get the benefits of wine in a caplet. Thank you Revatrol.

– Warren H.


I love T-Boost.It’s simply a great product.

Let’s face it; ALL men slow down as we get older. Our body chemistry changes or metabolism slows down.  By the time you’re in your 40s, the slow down becomes unmistakable. Weight gain, lack of energy and even our libido suffers. In my business, I just don’t have the luxury of slowing down. I need to be able to handle 12, even 16 hour days.

A little T-Boost every morning is simply the best non-prescription solution. It energizes me and puts the ink in my pen, the lead in my pencil – you know what I mean!

Thank you for bringing T-Boost to market. Frankly, I believe that most men over 35 would make it a daily ritual if they knew just how incredible it is.

– F. Hamzei


I was able to walk upright again!

“While visiting my sister in the Northeast, I slipped and fell on her hardwood stairs. I went airborne and landed on my rear end really hard. It was excruciating. I could not sit; I could not walk upright.

My husband had been taking Isoprex for his back and said it helped him and perhaps it would help me. Since it is all natural and safe to take in higher dosages, I started taking 2 tablets 3 times per day. By the 3rd day, I was able to walk upright, but still could not sit directly on my bottom. After 2 weeks, I was really feeling much better. Isoprex really helped! I am so glad to have found truly powerful, all natural help.”

– Kay D., Sarasota, FL


Don’t have to stand for the DISCOMFORT!

“My husband and I are in our late 60s and Oraescin has made a significant impact in our lives. We see the changes. I have found that I can stand longer and without discomfort, which is amazing. We are both grateful for this product.”

– P. Butler, Rough & Ready, CA


“Since taking Prosentials, my constipation is gone! I’m much more regular and my energy level is better. I can once again enjoy the occasional onion dip or red meat without getting intestinal cramps or bad gas. Please send me more!”

– Donna D.,
Middletown, NJ

Youthful Allure

“I like the non greasy feeling even under my makeup. It’s starting to work on my ‘worry’ frown.”
– Helen A.
Tampa, FL

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