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Lexitrol Ultimate

Male Potency Formula

Introducing Lexitrol Ultimate™…

The Heavyweight Champion of Men’s Potency Supplements!

Lexitrol Ultimate was created specifically for ANY man who has ever suffered from loss of sexual desire or a complete lack of sexual function. It’s scientifically engineered to get you bigger, harder and ready for sex on demand! Whether you want a spontaneous quickie or plan on ravaging your partner all night long – you are going to rock her world! And here’s why – we’ve put together a formulation that contains the most potent male-enhancing nutrients in doses that are as large as possible.

You don’t have to be content with a smaller-sized penis another day. Just as a balloon stretches and expands when you blow more air into it, as blood flow is directed to your penis, it too expands. The more blood that flows into the three tissue chambers that make up your love muscle, the harder, longer and thicker it becomes. The results are so potent; you’ll feel it working within minutes of taking your first dose. You’ll start taking control of the bedroom — the way she’s always dreamed you would!

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