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Slim down with Grapefruit Juice? Berkeley Study Adds Weight to Idea

If you’re planning on hitting up your favorite restaurant for a pepperoni pizza or cheeseburger and fries, you may want to swap your chocolate malt for grapefruit juice instead. [More]

Scientists Have Discovered an on/off Switch for Aging Cells


A Common Virus is Eating Your Gut: Bacteria

The time a person is most human is before birth. After you’re born, the environment’s microbes surround your body and outnumber them by as much as 10 to one. [More]

Foods That Fight Off an Afternoon Slump

We’ve all experienced that tired feeling after an afternoon lunch. Being unable to focus, a decline in energy levels and wishing you could curl up under your desk with a blanket for a quick nap are just a few cozy thoughts that may be running rampant through your mind. However, important deadlines and group meetings are more vital to your busy day than the slow close of your eyelids. [More]

10 Tips for Better Digestive Health

There are a number of factors that affect your digestive system such as your lifestyle, stress, and the foods that you choose to eat. Getting the required amount of fiber, drinking plenty of water and exercising can all aid in developing better digestive health. Your body works by breaking down the foods you consume into nutrients and if you fail to be kind to your digestive health, you could run into complications later on. [More]

12 Foods That Control Your Appetite

When it comes to losing weight, portion control and curtailing the amount of food you eat is important in order to see the best results. However, it can come at the price of hunger pangs and falling off the diet bandwagon in just a matter of weeks. [More]

5 foods with brain benefits you may not know about

We've all heard that fish is brain food, especially the kind that is rich with omega-3s. Blueberries and spinach also have notable brain-boosting abilities. However, these aren't the only foods which can help keep your brain strong and free of disease. [More]

The Best Herbal and Nutritional Supplements that Help You Lose Weight

Use this list when you order online or visit the health food store. [More]

7 Myths (and Outright Lies) About Male Hormones

1. Outright Lie: DHEA is a dangerous “anabolic steroid drug.” In 2007, a campaign of lies about DHEA was spread in the halls of Congress. Printed material distributed by lobbyists for Big Pharma claimed that DHEA was a dangerous “anabolic steroid drug” and a law was introduced that would make DHEA available by prescription only. Fortunately, due to the activism of many Americans for freedom to take dietary supplements, the law failed to pass.[i] [More]

7 Nutrients That Help Increase Muscle Tone

When it comes to achieving an awe-inspiring body, calories aren’t the only factor to be taken into consideration. With a mixture of eating the right foods and exercising, you’ll be able to achieve your goal of slimming down and building strong muscles. [More]

12 Foods That Help You Fall (and Stay) Asleep!

According to the National Sleep Foundation, close to 60 percent of individuals across the United States say they have a problem sleeping every night. While it can be frustrating tossing and turning, you’ll find that a sleepless night can also cause certain health issues and weight gain, especially in the abdomen. Failing to get enough sleep is a unique form of stress that causes the body to respond with a chronic one. However, an overlooked approach to sleep restoration is through a healthy diet. The following foods will contribute to a restful evening of sleep and allow you to remain that way throughout the entire night. [More]

7 Times When Food is the Answer

While stuffing your face with food can bring momentary satiation, you’ll find it can fill you with remorse later on. However, noshing on fortifying foods can lead to greater satisfaction with every bite you take. [More]

10 Tips for Everlasting Energy

The following proven tips will help jump start your day and allow you to feel energized! [More]

5 Super Food Alternatives

If you’re looking to change up your food habits, you’ll find the following options an exciting alternative. [More]

11 Surprising Facts About Your Heart

Straight from the Heart One of the hardest working muscles in the human body is your heart. The heart beating capabilities of this extraordinary muscle are powerful with it being able to beat approximately 3 billion times throughout an individual’s lifetime. With every beat of your heart, it can also pump out close to two ounces of blood. Over the average day, this can equate to a minimum of 2,500 gallons of the red stuff. [More]

Top 10 Anti-aging Tips

You’ll have to learn some important anti-aging secrets that are centered round the body, mind and spirit mantra, if you plan on living an active and healthy life well past your 80s. [More]

The 14 Best Things You Can Do for Your Body

Sleep Hard working individuals can often be sleep deprived. Unfortunately, your sleep patterns can contribute to your health and wellness. [More]

Can Staying Positive Extend Your Life?

The latest study in Lancet medical journal has strengthened the belief that a positive outlook can keep cancer at bay and give new hope to staying alive. [More]

Why Women’s Immune Systems Are Stronger Than Men’s

The age old stereotype of women overreacting has been long touted. However, there could be a smidge of truth to it when you’re talking about their immune system.
A new study has found that the immune system in women is significantly stronger than a man’s when it comes to their reaction to the flu vaccine. [More]

Depression May Accelerate the Aging Process of our Cells, Study Finds

Depression may have harmful effects on more than just the mind per the latest findings. Physical conditions linked to depression typically include heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. However, new research has shown that it may accelerate the way a person ages at a cellular level. [More]

How Sleep Clears the Brain of Toxins

The latest studies have found that the brain gets rid of toxic materials through its cells after a good night’s rest. They also concluded that there is a biological purpose to sleeping and that waste disposal may be at the center of its restorative properties. [More]

5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 A.M.

Love it or hate it, morning time is inevitable, and taking advantage of the early bird hours before you head to work can hold the key to a healthy, happy and successful lifestyle. This common trait is found in some of the most influential early risers around the globe such as CEOs, government officials and world leaders who were known to get up before the crack of dawn. While most individuals think that they are at their best in the evening, a recent study concluded that people were more productive and energetic in the morning. The health benefits for morning revelers were also significant. The following are five productive activities successful individuals find to do before 8 a.m. [More]

Could A Daily Dose Of Red Wine Reduce One's Risk Of Depression?

Individuals over the age of 55 were the subjects of a new study and found that those who consumed an average glass of wine per day were found to be less clinically depressed than people who either drank more alcohol or those who didn’t drink any. This poses a direct contrast to earlier findings that concluded a correlation between alcohol and an increased risk of depression. Before you head to your favorite local restaurant for happy hour, you need to understand the risks involved and reasons behind the latest study. [More]

The Secret to Staying Motivated

Stop focusing on losing weight! You’ll find the following five reasons more of a motivator to get moving. [More]

10 Simple Rules for a Healthy Life

The following are tips for staying healthy, fit and happy for the rest of your life! In order to stay healthy and keep the doctor away, you need to eat more than just an apple a day. [More]

How to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is very common. According to a new study done by Harvard, high blood pressure helps contribute to 15 percent of the deaths in the United States. Additionally, the American Heart Association has stated that 28 percent of people in America have hypertension and do not even know it. You should see your doctor if you have not had your blood pressure checked within the last two years. [More]

7 Foods That Fight Aging

1. Avocado This green, pear shaped fruit contains monounsaturated fat, a compound found to protect cells from free radical damage. Eating avocados daily can improve mental clarity, skin texture and bone density. Boron is a mineral that is important to the absorption of calcium and can aid in preventing broken bones. Toxins are another component that contributes to the aging process. Fortunately, avocados have close to 14 grams of fiber and can help speed up the removal of the premature aging toxins. [More]

14 Habits of Happy Men

Satisfying routines and activities to help achieve happiness and health. A man’s happiness isn’t all about a cold beer and grilling, but it is close. Our poll took a look at a diverse group of men that included musicians, chefs, stock brokers, grand dads, lawyers and bottle washers and came up with the following list of activities and satisfying routines that help men achieve health and happiness. [More]

5 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat If You Are Post 50

As we age, you’ll find your circle of friends to be ever changing, and the people who were once your best friends may no longer qualify to hold that job title. As with friends, foods can hold the same significance, and the items that cause interrupted sleep, clogged arteries and an increase in blood pressure are no longer welcome in your inner circle. [More]

10 Tips for Better Digestive Health

There are a number of factors that affect your digestive system such as your lifestyle, stress, and the foods that you choose to eat. Getting the required amount of fiber, drinking plenty of water and exercising can all aid in developing better digestive health. Your body works by breaking down the foods you consume into nutrients and if you fail to be kind to your digestive health, you could run into complications later on. [More]

14 Foods That Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is an integral part of the immune response and without it, it’s nearly impossible for the body to heal properly. However, when it’s out of control, such as in the case of those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, it can do significant damage to the human body. It’s also thought to play a significant role in afflictions such as obesity, cancer and heart disease. [More]

3 New Fat-Busting Supplements for Speedy Weight Loss

When you thought there couldn’t be more to say about weight loss supplements, researchers come out with some new information. By combining plant-derived compounds and methods of experimenting to boost their effectiveness, three new supplements can be added to the weight loss list. [More]

15 Surprising Heart Attack Risks

Heart attacks are more complicated than you might think. The risk is partially determined by the well-known factors of diet, activity level, and family history, but heart attack risk can be increased or decreased in some surprising ways a typical patient might not even consider. Take a look at these fifteen little-known possible contributors to heart attack and see if you may be increasing your risk without realizing it. [More]

15 Ways to Get Better Sleep Every Night

Adults are supposed to get an average of seven to eight hours of sleep each night and anything less can leave you tired and out of sorts the next day. Since getting sufficient rest can contribute to a healthy and happy life, you’ll find the following tips to be helpful when getting ready for bed. [More]

How Much Protein Do You Need?

There’s no truth behind the statement that a body is only able to process so much protein at one time, and it’s interesting to surmise as to what happens when you exceed that number. [More]

10 Ways to Burn Fat Faster

The following are some medically proven tips to help lose weight: Up Your Green Tea Consumption Green tea isn’t just for helping to fight cancer: In addition to the number of amazing cancer fighting properties found in green tea, it can also help individuals rev up their metabolism too. Those who consumed green tea extract a minimum of three times per day noticed an increase in their metabolism by as much as four percent. [More]

Three Foods to Help You Avoid Heart Disease, Stroke and Improve Brain Function

Experts have stated for many years that what is good for your heart is also good for your head. Now, both the American Stroke Association and the American Heart Association have stated that the plaque buildup in the arteries that leads to heart disease can also have a negative impact on the brain. [More]

7 Nutrients That Help Increase Muscle Tone

If you’re looking to achieve a lean, strong body, you’re going to want to make sure your diet includes the right mix of minerals and vitamins. [More]

Three Super Foods to Boost that Libido

There’s no great mystery involved that by eating a healthy diet you’ll be in top shape. You may even find yourself performing at peak levels……in bed! With the following three super foods added to your daily diet, you may experience your heart pumping faster, blood racing to all the right extremities and an extra helping of yum. [More]

Six Quick Skin Fixes

Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Dry Skin During The Winter The winter is more than half over, but if you are like us, then you may have noticed that your skin is dryer during this time. Cold temperatures, hot showers and dry indoor heat are some of the many the things that can cause our skin to become dry during the winter. [More]

12 foods with the gift of healing

Whole foods have been shown over and over again to help our bodies function more efficiently, but some can do more than just provide the body with nutrients. The twelve foods on this list actually have properties that can help the body prevent and recover from illness, from cancer to heart disease. These healing foods can also help ease traits that can lead to serious illness, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. [More]

Six Weird Signs You Are Stressed Out


4 Ways Poor Oral Hygiene Can Make You Sick

We all know the benefits of good oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing prevents tartar buildup, gingivitis, and periodontal disease with its painful, bleeding gums; it’s in all the toothpaste commercials. However, even people who brush regularly may still have bacteria hiding in their mouths, and these bacteria could lead to complications far beyond the teeth and mouth. Recent studies have shown that poor oral hygiene can cause illness in other parts of the body. [More]

11 Foods to End Your Bad Mood

Because many people live a fast-paced lifestyle and have a very hectic schedule, they are forced to eat quick meals on the go. Today’s packaged meals are lacking in essential nutrients. They are also packed with processed chemicals. If you constantly eat the wrong types of food, then you may become lethargic, anxious and grouchy. [More]

5 Ways Sex Leads to Better Overall Health

Most standard guides to improving your health will tell you the basics; eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise, drink plenty of water. They’re not quite as likely to tell you to have an active sex life. A recent survey taken by Healthy Women, a nonprofit organization, indicates that a majority of women have sex more because they feel obligated to do it than because they enjoy it. Unfortunately, these women are depriving themselves of the many health benefits sex provides even above and beyond the good feelings of the moment. Here are five examples out of the many health advantages sex can give. [More]

Smarter Snacking

It is possible to enjoy snacks without ruining your diet or gaining weight. If you follow these tips, then you will be able to choose healthy, low-fat snacks. [More]

Antioxidants from 10 unexpected sources

Some foods, like tea, spinach, and blueberries, get all the praise for their antioxidant properties, but they’re not the only ones that bring a high number of antioxidants to the table. Registered dietician Alexandra Caspero, owner of, did some research and came up with 10 lesser-known healthy superfoods. [More]

Surprising ways to keep your brain and memory sharp

Memory enhancement has become a hot topic in modern society. A quick Internet search reveals long lists of specially designed memory-enhancing games created by psychiatrists and dozens of pills and supplements the manufacturers guarantee will improve memory. Experts on talk show after talk show recommend intellectual stimulation: difficult crossword puzzles, logic puzzles, or strategy games like chess. [More]

Six Tips for People Who Hate to Exercise

If you hate exercise, then following these tips will help you get the most out of your workout. [More]

The 10 Most Counterintuitive Health and Beauty Tips

Sometimes the things everyone knows aren't exactly true, and that holds as well for health and beauty treatments as well as for anything else. [More]

Non-alcoholic red wine may be better for men's health than regular wine

Red wine has long been touted as beneficial to cardiovascular health, but a research study from the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona has found that non-alcoholic red wine may actually have stronger effects. [More]

5 foods with brain benefits you may not know about

We've all heard that fish is brain food, especially the kind that is rich with omega-3s. Blueberries and spinach also have notable brain-boosting abilities. However, these aren't the only foods which can help keep your brain strong and free of disease. [More]

7 Health Risks for Middle Aged Men

The most common causes of death for men of middle age and older are all the usual suspects--cancer, stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, respiratory disease, injuries, and suicide. Fortunately, some minor changes to bad habits can reduce the chances of dying of one of these perils. [More]

Lengthy sitting doubles risk of diabetes

A British meta-analysis published in the November 2012 issue of the journal Diabetologia shows strong indications that extended time spent sitting greatly increases a person’s risk of diabetes, severe heart issues, and death. Previous studies have found a link between extended television watching and poor health, but this is the first study to specifically research the connection between any extended sedentary behavior and health. [More]

Seven Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Many people are under the misconception that food is their enemy. However, you should not get sucked into that idea. In fact, if you eat the right foods, then you will be able to reach your weight loss goals much faster than you would if you were to just cut calories. Below are seven foods that nutritionists recommend that you eat if you are trying to lose weight: [More]

6 Types of Food to Ease Your Pain Naturally

People suffering from chronic pain have options besides rummaging around in the medicine cabinet or visiting a doctor to try to figure out which painkiller works best for them. Certain foods have the ability to diminish pain over time. Foods containing antioxidants can help reduce the damage the body goes through when food and oxygen react and create free radicals as byproducts. Some foods have the ability to reduce the inflammation causing the body’s pain response. Still other foods strengthen the immune system, which helps to prevent and reduce illness as well as to limit inflammation. [More]

Young Blood May Contain Chemical Factors Which Can Prevent or Reduce Some Effects of Aging

It seems like a horror story hearkening back to legends of the “Blood Countess” Elizabeth Bathory, who reportedly bathed in the blood of slain maidens to keep her youthful complexion, but rumors persist that late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il would inject himself with the blood of young people (presumably donated blood from still-living donors) to slow his aging process. [More]

7 Myths (and Outright Lies) About Male Hormones

In 2007, a campaign of lies about DHEA was spread in the halls of Congress. Printed material distributed by lobbyists for Big Pharma claimed that DHEA was a dangerous “anabolic steroid drug” and a law was introduced that would make DHEA available by prescription only. Fortunately, due to the activism of many Americans for freedom to take dietary supplements, the law failed to pass. [More]

How Sex Might Affect Your Ability to Grow Muscle

Have you ever been concerned that sex may be cutting your ability to grow muscle? If so, you are not alone. This is an age old concern, and many have sacrificed their bedroom time in order to maximize their gym time. There is a connection, but it may not be what you expect. Here are some important points on sex and muscle building. [More]

The New Science Behind America’s Deadliest Diseases

These days there are all sorts of different body problems, diseases and sickness’ that people and scientists have a hard time figuring out exactly what is causing them; there are just so many different factors. [More]

Renown Health Products Ushers In New Year With Two New Products: Natural Products Company Adopts New Name to Reflect Mission, Vision

Renown Health Products ( is ushering in the new year with the release of two new products that will further solidify its national position as one of the leading developers of best-in-class, physician-developed natural products designed to provide customers with better and longer lives. [More]

Antioxidants are part of a healthy diet and protect you against environmental toxins

What’s an antioxidant? Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (plant nutrients) that protect your body against cell damage by free radicals. [More]

Natural Weight Loss Tips

Stop investing in grapefruits and just say no to fad dieting. [More]

The Best 7 Herbal and Nutritional Supplements that Help You Lose Weight

Use this list when you order online or visit the health food store. [More]

Weight gain: Don’t blame it all on eating too many calories.

Researchers are looking at overeating as a RESULT of underlying biological causes. Often it’s merely a symptom of imbalances in your body’s biological system caused by stress, lack of sleep, medications, hormonal imbalances or actual medical conditions. [More]

Exercise and Weight Gain Explained. Weigh in on the facts: Losing weight depends not only what you eat but also on the type of exercise you do

Here’s some interesting new research being published that will make you think twice about doing those biweekly, strenuous workouts at your local health club. Those sweaty, hour-long aerobics sessions actually make you gain weight! [More]

Want to lose weight? Lay Off the Laxatives.

You can’t trick your body into losing weight by taking laxatives; your body is smarter than you. Those two pounds you lose after taking a laxative are not fat. What you see in the bowl is mostly water. In a few days, as you rehydrate, these lost pounds reappear. [More]